What affects the stand where do you sleep?

You know that the position of sleep affects…
the digestion? This technique is found in the history and was even used in ancient times, when the monks they lay down for 10 minutes after every meal to improve digestion.
There is also another interesting tradition that is recommended both by the traditional chinese medicine (Ayurvedic) as well as the Indian alternative medicine. And this is to sleep on your left side. Maybe you are wondering what is the reason for this and how this sleeping position affects the digestion? Well, the reason is very simple.
The point is that the left side of the body is the main lymphatic side. The largest part of the liquid of the lymph of the body moves within the thoracic duct, which is located on the left side. And not only that, the lymph fluid, which transports glucose, proteins, and other metabolites (products of metabolism) products and waste shall be cleaned by the lymph nodes and ends at the left side of the heart.