Well-known singer was attacked with… heel

For all the jokes and the vicissitudes of the profession and the difficult childhood he spoke out, a famous singer.
The reason for the…
Gogo Tsampa, which, as he confessed in an interview in the magazine Downtown he dropped out of school and took the ged for the sake of the song while in appearance as it reveals someone opened the head with a heel for the reason that you can’t imagine.
From a young age, the Gogo Tsampa went up on the stage and sang in festivals and villages, which, as he says, wouldn’t change it for anything, since that gives her life. On the other often of late nights at festivals and school does not combine easily with the result that the Gogo to falls asleep often in class over the desk. The fatigue was the cause that led her to drop out of school before getting a high School diploma.
“The festivals are even today the life of me. The air that I breathe” he says and continues.
“One morning, I got up from the bed, I threw my bag on the floor and I announced to my mother, that I am not going back to school. I wanted a class to get my ged”.

As for the attack with the heel?
This is an old incident, and the brouhaha that met at the fairs. As he remembers the Gogo, she sang in Fthiotida when a μερακλωμένος a regular at the he pulled out the stiletto and started hitting her in the head…
“A lot of brouhaha happened to me at the fairs. I used to sing I remember in a village of Fthiotida. With the approaching one, taking my shoe and starts beating me with the heel of his head. Finally had μερακλωθεί so much that he opened it,” she said in the downtown the same.