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    (Title)  With … toothbrushes and harsh chemicals three conservators try to clean the face of the White Tower, which is filled with offensive slogans after a recent one-by-lot collection of fans of Hercules. They complain about the possible downgrading of their team and broke the front of the monument, writing slogans against the former president Antonis Remos and support their favorite team.
    Battle for the White Tower

    The three conservators began in the mid-week and will take at least 2.5 months to erase the slogans with … toothbrushes and very powerful cleaners. The Nick and Chris Pitsalidis cinnamon from the 9th of Byzantine Antiquities and Lazarus Apokatanidis the Museum of Byzantine Culture, working all day in the burning sun and off the literal wording of slogans.
    «It’s the most difficult tasks we have undertaken. The paint is water the limestone and have strong chemicals to throw it out. In the beginning we put a liquid and infused with a brush on the wall.
    After a short time to spray another liquid, which we do with sponge and let it pull the paint, “explained the” Nation “, the Chr. Cinnamon.
    Yesterday from 8 am to 12 noon, the conservators were able to erase only the “O” a big signal, indicative of how difficult the job.
    «The conditions are harsh . Not only is the heat, and chemicals we inhale. It is no coincidence that say that the maintainers have not smell, “he told New Pitsalidis.
    Tourists found yesterday at the White Tower were interested to learn what they wrote slogans and maintainers of them replied that the written supporters of a football team.
    Seeing the blue paint, blue is the color of the shirt of Herakles, some believed that the slogans were the Greeks said goodbye to the national team went to the World Cup. Everyone, however, did not hide their disapproval of the current appearance of this great monument that overlooks the beach of Thessaloniki.

    «The monuments are very difficult to clean. In Kamara need several days to extinguish a slogan with little letters. Here, in front of the White Tower is a large surface cues and doubt whether it will deliver in late summer, “he said Pitsalidis. Iraklis FC undertook to pay the cleaning, but the difficult economic situation in which leaves little room for optimism in the Ministry of Culture.
    However, both the 9th DAC and the Byzantine Museum say they have no money to pay this cost, while maintenance workers left their work to other sites on this exceptional event.


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