Welcome: I haven’t done plastic – The pitch for Eurovision

Her answer to the comments that she has had plastic surgery gave or left and… spikes for ERT in Eurovision. “I haven’t done plastic surgery, I think comments are so funny,” Kalomera said speaking on the show “Hamgela again” and revealed what conversation she had with her children about the comments she receives. “You won’t believe what they write to me. I leave the negative comments on Instagram, I don’t mind. I only care about my kids going to school, and my daughter will get comments like that if she ever does social media. I showed my kids the comments and we talked about it. They’ll keep saying things. If I do or do nothing, it is my body, it is my right to do what I want to do,” Kalomera said, clarifying her position. The famous singer also spoke about Eurovision and the song Zari with which Marina Satti will represent Greece in this year’s competition. “I loved Marina Satti’s song, because it has Greek element but also original. When I heard it was gonna be Fokas Evangelinos with Marina Satty, I thought he’d take the song off. He’s very good at television and everything. We need to give time to Marina Satti’s song, it’s new,” Kalomera originally said. At the same time, he threw a… pitch for ERT for Eurovision and whether he would go back. “You should ask ERT if I would go back to Eurovision, probably the answer is no. It’s not my plan. I didn’t give my piece to ERT for Eurovision because some things happened. I’m not saying I’m doing everything perfectly, it might be my fault that I never went to Eurovision again. I was waiting for Eurovision and I thought why? I’ll take off the piece I’ve prepared. I don’t know if I’d go to Eurovision with another country and keep their flag. I had discussions with another country, but am I Greek, to raise another flag? “ It’s just that I’ve been thinking. ”