Weather – Tsatrafyllia: With rains we’ll fry Chikno Thursday

Rainy will be her, with meteorologist George Tsatrafyllia notes that we should find a way not to… put out the coals… George Tsatrafyllias, speaking of the time of Tsiknofifth, notes features: “ Good morning! The areas within the blue limits tomorrow Cicnofifth they may be recruiting some tsigo (you can also tarpaulin) to prevent the coals from being extinguished, since a few rains will occur mainly in the afternoon – afternoon”. In fact, he concludes: “Good Chigo- So Thursday in these areas.” In Macedonia, Thrace and the northeastern Aegean, clouds with local rains are expected, and sporadic storms will occur at noon. According to EMI, in Ionian, western and central continentals and Crete are expected increased clouds in the morning with the event of local rains in Ionian, Epirus and western Thessaly. Gradually by noon clouds will develop in the rest of the mainland as well as the Aegean with the manifestation of local rains and individual storms in eastern Thessaly, Sterea, Sporades, Evia and Crete. In the evening the phenomena will retreat to the north and continue to manifest in the Ionian, western Peloponnese and the Aegean (and mainly in the north and east). Snows will fall to the north and central continental mountainlands at an altitude of over 900 meters. In the other areas generally atrium weather. Winds to the west will breathe northwest 3 to 4 and temporary local 5 Beaufort. To the south they will breathe from western addresses 4 to 5 assisted from noon to 6 Beauforts. In the other areas they will be variable 3 to 4 Beauforts and from night to night to the north they will become northeast with the same intensity. Temperature won’t change significantly. To the north it will reach 13 to 15 degrees, to the west 16 to 18 and to the remaining 19 to 20 degrees Celsius areas.