Weather: Temperature rises on March 25 – In which areas there will be a rain parade

Good with some parentheses of rain will be her three days. Not entirely sunny, but without particular problems will be the weather on the three days of March 25 according to Christina Rigus. The well-known meteorologist explains by talking to that “Saturday generally across Greece is predicted some local clouds with more sun than Friday. A few rains are expected at noon and afternoon, but in the continental mountainous sections and will be quite scattered, so generally on Saturday it will flow in good weather. On the Aegean islands the periods of sun will be longer throughout the day.” The temperature as it says “Saturday will rise a little around 17-19 degrees Celsius to the south, winds blowing from northern addresses up to 5 Beaufort will retreat.” On Sunday, according to Christina Rigos “we are again waiting for some local clouds with a few midday rains only in the mountains. Winds from Sunday will turn to western, moderate intensity up to 5 Beaufort”. In particular… “We will see in northern and western Greece mercury rising to 18 degrees Celsius, in the remaining 20-21 regions, as in other continental regions. In Athens and the islands, like Crete and Rhodes, it will reach 21 degrees Celsius”. A parade of rain in some areas changes the scenery a little on Monday, March 25th, as according to the meteorologist “the winds will be strengthened especially in the southern sea sections of the Cretan sea that will breathe 7 Beaufort. In the north Aegean they will breathe northwest and have some rains. That is, in some areas the parade of the 25th will be by umbrella. ” And he adds “in the west it will start raining from very early, i.e. on Epirus, northern Ionian but by the premiddled hours it seems that in these areas the phenomena will cease. We expect rains towards noon in eastern Macedonia, Thrace and the northern Aegean. So it seems that from 12 o’clock, one o’clock at noon Monday through afternoon it will rain in the eastern Aegean.” At 23 degrees Celsius, however, the temperature points out, speaking at that “it will be a fast rain passage and in the rest of the country continental, Athens, Crete the weather will be almost atrium. In areas that do not expect rains to reach 23 degrees Celsius while in areas in western and northern Greece on Monday the temperature will not rise any more and will range between 17 and 18 degrees”. Overall as the meteorologist points out, “the weather will not be bad in the three days but it will not be very sunny.” From Tuesday comes hot invasion At the same time, a two-day hot invasion comes from next Wednesday, according to Christina Rigus. “We expect the temperature to rise significantly for a few 24 hours. That is Wednesday and Thursday, in some areas in central Greece, southern Crete, eastern Peloponnese, Thessaly we will see mercury climb even to 25-26 degrees Celsius. But for late March it is 6 degrees above normal for the season. But it doesn’t seem like anything but this little warm invasion. The temperature will then return to normal” concludes by talking to the known meteorologist.

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