Weather – Extreme hot air masses in Greece from Sunday to Tuesday

Warm will be the one with high temperatures for the season from Sunday to Tuesday, according to the prediction of the of the National Observatory of Athens released today Friday (29.03.24). According to, air traffic over Europe over the next few days will benefit me from extreme heat for the gas season from Africa to Eastern Europe and our country with the peak expected on the three-day Sunday (31.03. 24) – Tuesday (02.04.44). Using the temperature deviation at the impervious level of 850 hPa (about 1500 meters above sea level), the level used to monitor mass gases, the gaseous masses above parts of Eastern Europe are expected to be up to 17-18 degrees Celsius higher than normal levels for the season. As noted in the graph below, where we focus on our region, we note that on Monday afternoon the air masses above our country will be up to 15-16 degrees Celsius higher than normal levels for the season. Temperatures on the surface and how high they will reach depend on many factors, such as cloud cover and wind, but with today’s data the temperature at the beginning of next week is likely to reach or even exceed 30 degrees Celsius in parts of the mainland.

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