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The tourism boom has brought migrant labour to the city, fueled the growth of a large construction industry and provided transportation and other large-scale infrastructure which has led to Antalya becoming the hub of commerce in this part of Turkey The increased number of foreign visitors in this astounding Belek holiday resort are creating a highly desirable investment zone. The past few years have lead the numbers to higher counts by many discovering Europeans Buying property in Turkey is a straightforward process – so it seems. . . However with so many different variations of how it’s interpreted on the internet by so many local and overseas property estate agents, may make things a bit confusing.   We found that the most ideal way to get an understanding of buying property in Turkey is by reading or hearing about it from experienced consultants and particularly from investors who have gone through the whole buying property process in Turkey. Uncommon to most estate agent web sites – overseas and local – we have built a forum area on our web site for anyone who wishes to share their ideas, views, comments, experiences, advice, and questions on the internet, based on the main topic of Property in Turkey.   All we ask that it’s kept clean and no names or reference to individuals and companies are used in negative instances as it is not appropriate in general. We’re all here to help each other make the Turkish property market a better place   Thank you and Enjoy! We are currently seeking professional overseas real estate companies and individuals to work together with. If you have an interest for this type of cooperation contact us for more details. . .   ttp://www. turkeypropertyinvest. com/property/forum  

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