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We still have … FINES HIGHER than the basic salary worker’s ONE … WE DO ALL KOKAKIDES!

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(Title) wages fall … The debts remain … The layoffs are increasing … but of traffic fines ‘live’ in height! And from what seems, in the drawers. The anyway “spicily” bilietakia have become more unbearable than ever, so that drivers offenders unable to pay even half the amount than indicated in the call if paid on time.

The situation becomes even worse when violations are accompanied by the removal of the patent or license. Removing … cut away to professional drivers, who are forced or compulsory license in case of taxi drivers and owners, or, worse, dismissed by the companies where they work.

As evidenced by the elements of the Hellenic Police Headquarters . throughout the country, traffic has decreased significantly. The contact attribute the decline to the fact that long calls stopped “erased” and the idea of just paying the fines act as a deterrent and preventative. However, there are others that give positive results, especially the last time in gasoline prices that have “escaped” and its consequences: reducing the cost of holidaymakers, short or not, and restriction of movement with I. X the necessary.

drivers speak of “bleeding” as a “costume” of approximately 700 euros, which equals a salary, is likely to shake the monthly family budget in the air. Thus, despite the fact that if the call is paid within 10 days the amount to be paid is half, most now prefer not to pay, not because they want to but because they fail!

The living conditions, as shaped by new economic measures and data, especially worry strains of Civil Protection Department, which has already begun meetings and have been thrown on the table proposals to reduce the fines and update them. Of course, this is not resolved by the Traffic Police, and the responsibility for … invoice of traffic is the Ministry of Transport.

Information indicates that they are already in the search solution for both offenses punishable by big money and for less. Illustration has been proposed to fall to 25 euros (from 40 million currently, if paid in 10 days), the fine illegal parking if the vehicle is not parked in a handicapped ramp, shall not prevent the passage of buses and visibility.

even being considered for creating computerized system so that officers in the Traffic fines to serve as the driving behavior of each driver to show flexibility in even those who are repeat offenders of traffic violations in . The assumption that contact between the fines are exorbitant is given. The new challenge is to rationalize and escalating fines and administrative penalties.

The flexibility of some traffic police against offenders drivers who decide to impose a lesser penalty fine for violation of traffic than it was there.

However, there is the fear of finding other solutions, complained, among offenders, and some drivers … repeat the police force. If they keep the huge fines, it is possible-say-some to succumb to the bazaars of drivers to turn a blind eye to a similar pocket money.

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