Was given and the morning coffee AVEROF TO DO FROM THERE TO THE EMISSION OF GYRISMATA Menegakis …

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(Title) Since all of these as the whooper Chrousala Yp.Ethnikis Defense and for the party held in Averoff, as we learn in the recent past the battleship was given again for a cosmic event and more SPECIFIC shooting for the TV show “Morning Coffee” by Helen Menegakis in 1996 …

so why such a xafnisma when “symbols” of Hellenism are given quite frequently for social events;;;
We did a law prohibiting all kinds of events from one of such parties and all good …

soft it is but the state to do so … and from a concession to such EXHIBITS USE individuals from the Greek government earn money;;;
And finally we will say again …
What is hardest hit and a disgrace to our national dignity and yperifaneia???? The party is over in a couple Averoff … or themselves democratically elected politicians us, and most evidence, are devoured by public funds, entering into agreements with parallel companies that bribed them in order to take public works;;;
What is more shame …;;; Chrousala Marietta and her friends to dance and have fun on the Averoff … or our ministers and our Prime Minister who every now and then is in agreement parties businessmen, who have pelatiakes relations with the Greek government;;;

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In the world of academia Noam Chomsky is the most cited author alive. He talks to Inside USA about politics in the United States and this Presidential election.

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