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Warm ἀγκαλιά mainly for the small children in the Spiritual Center of the Metropolis in the Square Ἀνεξαρτησίας

With the Grace of God and with the help of our lady, and this year the Metropolitan Ἱερός Church of Saint Kingdom of Tripoli ἀνοίγει a warm ἀγκαλιά mainly for the small children. , The ἀγκαλιά ὀνομάζεται Sunday school Σχολεῖο.
Many times will you ἀναρωτηθεῖ, why ἐπιμένουμε the young children to παρακολουθοῦν had any lessons of catechism. The ἀπάντηση is ἁπλή. Through the bible school, they learn ἔμπρακτα what would πεῖ love. This is, where do the Christians to stand out in the world and to μεγαλουργοῦν in ὄνομά. Don’t we send our children to the Sunday school in order to become good Christians. Ἐπιδιώκουμε first of all to become good people, with ἀρχές and ἀξίες! Of course, on this path we understand, how a good person, I can only be it is a good Christian, meanings interwoven, where ἀναπτύσσονται parallel to one child.
I don’t need ἐμένα to your πῶ, how difficult ἐποχή we are living and that the ἀξίες of people περνοῦν crisis. We have not arrived at a point, to ἐπαινοῦμε the cunning and the ἀπάτη to θεωροῦμε ἀξιοζήλευτη.
Us in Sunday school, wanting to ἀντισταθοῦμε in this the ἀποξένωση by the God, ἐπιμένουμε moving into the ἀγκαλιά of the Church, to θεωροῦμε the Ἐνορία our home and all the people ὅμοιούς us and ἀδέλφια us.
Since, however, a Christian teaching only with the acts, προσπαθοῦμε all of us the lessons to be experiential and ὁμαδοσυνεργατικά. We learn the love and the ἀλληλεγγύη through the charity of our christmas ἑορταγορά, we learn about the Mysteries of the Church, by kneading appropriate and making look out the windows, and the shrouded Lazarus, where ἔρχεται by the Ἅδη, comes alive in front of us, teaching how to know how the Christ was born is history, to know that the Christ was born and crucified for ἐμᾶς is salvation.
Kind of his the word for them, so many Saints, where many ὑπέφεραν for the faith ἀνοίγει! The martyrdom, and the persecution of them are made an example for ἐμᾶς, and praise to God, where is us is not on in such ἐποχές. Παραδειγματιζόμαστε still of the many miracles, from the power τῆς ψυχῆς, where συγχωρεῖ and relevant to them ζητοῦντας the Lord. We learn, also, how as εὔκολα we say the “Lord, have mercy” and ζητᾶμε help, his need to see you and the “Glory be to thee, Lord, glory to thee”, and to praise the ὄνομά.
Many θεωροῦν how the Sunday school is a ἀπαρχαιωμένος and στεῖρος way διδαχῆς, without ἀναλογίζονται how in of that the small children ἔρχονται in ἐπαφή with the religion, with the history and the Tradition. In general, ἔρχονται close to God. In Him-where he gives the strength and Grace to ὅποιον The wants close to him. And his the person, not λιγοψυχᾶ and I don’t ἀπογοητεύεται when, as he knows how into even and when things don’t go well, Someone is next to him and cares for him, Someone for him has. “The Someone I can be a ἄλλος, in spite of the outmost of the Lord.
Bearing these characteristics in mind and ἀγαπώντας is where we’re going, ξεκινοῦμε and this year the new catechetical year, with the ἐλπίδα to help us with ὅποιον way can’t but, to fill the mind of a child with a thoughts and their hearts with divine εὐλογία, ἐνάντια in ἐκφυλιστική ἐποχή, where on.
By the Saturday 22 Ὀκτωβρίου 2016 and every Saturday from the 10.30 in the morning, in the Spiritual Center of the Metropolis in the Square Ἀνεξαρτησίας, where in the first ὄροφο is housed and the Spiritual Center of the Ναοῦ us, which will help the class of Κατηχητικοῦ our School, with the help of Ἐφημερίων of Ἐνορίας us, where I teach and this year the mr Ἀγγελική Ἀν. Χαϊδᾶ, Teacher Scholar, with the support of συνεργάτιδών of mr. Ἀθανασίας, mr. Ἀσπασίας, mr. Demeter, mr. Mary and mr. Ἑλένης.
Ὅσοι parents or guardians ἐπιθυμοῦν, they can get a treat, where so inviting it is impossible to προσφερθεῖ in the next αἴθουσα, as the children will learn εὐχάριστα “of God the letters”.
With much joy I welcome you to the Sunday school of the Holy Kingdom of Tripoli the kids, i.e. the kids, the kids the at is these which will continue its life and will deliver and on ἐρχόμενες generations of the ἤθη and the ἔθιμά us and, certainly, the religion and the ἑλληνικό our culture.
The ἐποχή, the Sunday school, we will sow as a good sower to the word of the Lord in the hearts of a child ἦρθε. Every Saturday, well, we have seed.

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