Voula kidding me: the commitments of the Ministry of the stench in the Municipality of Kordelio-Evosmos will be implemented

The environmental problems facing the municipality of Kordelio – Evosmos, with the emphasis on intense stench which manifests itself in the area, found on the… focus of this meeting, which was held in the Ministry of the Environment, between the Met Thessaloniki Voula kidding me and the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy mr. Socrates Φάμελλου.
Mrs kidding me informed mr Φάμελλο for the wide meeting that was held at the 1 November to the Ministry with the former Deputy Minister, mr. Yannis Tsironis for the intense stench that pops up almost every day for the last time in the area of Kordelio – Evosmos, causing the dissatisfaction of the residents.
Mrs kidding me stressed to mr Φάμελλο that “his predecessor in the Ministry, mr. Tsironis, committed for the upgrade of the installation and of the technical infrastructure of the station measuring atmospheric pollution, which operates under the responsibility of the Region of Central Macedonia, in the Municipality of Kordelio – Evosmos, through the “Green Fund”. The upgrade will include the installation of specialized machinery (analysts) for the measurement of pollutants and malodorous compounds that are not detected by the existing instruments”.
Mr Famellos, who is knowledgeable in the relevant subject as a member B of Thessaloniki, assured the mr kidding me that the commitments of the Ministry will be implemented while at the same time informed that it would continue the temporary audits in the region by inspectors of the environment, something which had been decided in the meeting with mr. Tsironis.
On the occasion of their meeting, mr. kidding me and mr Famellos discussed various issues of concern to the Metropolitan unit of Thessaloniki, in which mr Famellos shows great sensitivity and as a member of the county, such as issues of infrastructure and safety, lighting, vertical and horizontal striping, pedestrian crossings) in the old Allied highway and the national road Thessaloniki – Polygyros, in areas of hot spots of the refugees in which there is frequent movement of refugees, with the result that there is an increased risk of an accident. Already the traffic police of Thessaloniki, documents of the competent authorities , even before the operation of some centres, has requested to become concrete actions. Mr Famellos reported in, mr. kidding me that “despite the fact that many of the issues are not the responsibility of his Ministry, nevertheless the state must follow and the problems to the local societies effectively treated only with the synergy of Local Government and Ministries”.

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