Volos: What does the student who interrupted reading about the Panhellenic to hunt purses say?

He discusses what happened after he hit the purses on a woman who prepares for the Panhellenics, threw herself out of his house… As the student says, he never thought of it for a moment. He saw his purse hit on the woman and decided not to stay insensitive. Volos watches the video, in which the 17-year-old describes the scenes that unfolded. With the woman falling to the ground and being injured by the attack and himself being thrown out of the house she lives to hunt down the perpetrator. As a result, the purse was to leave the area empty-handed. It all happened on Monday, March 4, at the confluence of Alamana Streets with Agii Anargyri. While the old woman was walking on Alamana Street a young man on a bicycle tried to grab her purse. She resisted and fell down with the purse not giving up. A student of the Third Lyceum listening to the woman’s voices came down from the apartment building apartment and began chasing him. The student preparing for nationwide and wanting to engage in sports physical therapy speaks to gegonota.news about what happened that night and says among other things that he was not afraid to run behind the perpetrator because at that time he had in mind that someone needed help. Despite the pursuit, the perpetrator managed to escape and is searched. The elderly accepted first aid and returned home shocked.