Volos: Convicted delivery man who turned around and lured a police officer to avoid control

He described his act as immature and eventually sentenced. The one at the center of the accident that sent the policeman to a hospital… Volos sees traffic accidents multiply within 2024, with one of them ending before justice. The accused deliveryman admitted that he was afraid of being tested and in his attempt to get away as quickly as possible, he made a reversal and injured a police officer. He is the father of two children and had recently purchased the bike to work. “He went to prevent me from being prevented by the police officer and I injured him,” said the 23-year-old, who is not unknown to the authorities. He was on the street with no signs on his bike and when he saw the cops who tried to stop him for inspection, he caused an accident with a police injury. The reason for a 23-year-old delivery boy, who on Monday night, March 4, in his attempt to avoid traffic control, lured and wounded a police officer in the center of Volos. The cop has a neck wound, and he’s got bruises. On Tuesday, March 5, the defendant was taken to the Autonomous Trimeles of Volos on charges of disobedience, resistance and physical harm by intention. A 62 – year – old educator testified that the young man for a year who broke up with his wife resides at his home as a guest. The defendant is the father of two children. He recently bought the bike so he could work as a delivery boy. In his apology the defendant said: “I did an immature act. I saw the cop approaching me and because I didn’t have license plates, I was scared. I turned the other way around because I wanted to leave. The policeman tried to stop me and I wounded him.” According to thenewspaper.gr, the young man had also previously employed the authorities for domestic violence, theft, and had a conviction from the Military Court. He was sentenced to five months in prison with parole on condition if he does not commit an offence in the next 3 years will be as unoccupied. If he commits an offence, he’ll be taken to prison.

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