Volos: 21-year-old Dimitris died from Dimini who was caroling for 4 months after a car accident

The car accident sent the unfortunate child from him to a hospital, with surgery succeeding each other. Dimitris died and he’s saying goodbye with sorrow… Dimitris was grinning after the serious car accident and his people prayed for a miracle. Despite doctors’ efforts, the 21-year-old from Dimini failed. Volos sees the blacklist of asphalt victims growing constantly despite appeals and controls. The unfortunate Dimitris struggled with all his powers, but hopes were minimal from the first moment. He was undergoing surgery, unfortunately not enough to save him. The unfortunate child left life on Tuesday, March 5. The 21-year-old, about four months ago, driving his bicycle, had been involved in a serious car accident near the vegetable market Neapolis, after a car crash. The incident resulted in a serious injury to the lad, which had been served at Larisa University Hospital and for months were subjected to dozens of surgeries, in a hopeless attempt to keep him alive. The deceased leaves behind parents, brothers, grandparents and other relatives. According to taxydromos.gr, the young man’s funeral will be in the Holy Temple of the High Priest of Christ Dimini, at 15:00 noon.