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VOICE: Mysterious, pollution-free foam causes a stench in the lake Pamvotis [video]

Stench causes in the last 24 hours Pamvotis lake of the Ioannina, a mysterious pollution-free foam that has appeared on the shores…
Nobody can say for sure what causes this strange sight, but the essence is that the lake has a very bad smell. Some country men,argue that it is urban waste water illegally continue to fall in the lake, which probably, in combination with high loads phytoplankton in lake Pamvotida, create this ugly development.
It is certain, that the municipality of Ioannina can’t be for another to a spectator of the problem, but should directly address the protection of public health and the environment, in cooperation with the involved scientific and controlling bodies.The video is of Stefanos Vassiliadis.

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