Visit to Ukraine: The Prime Minister bent in the apartment building that died 12 civilians

The thrill began during the visit of the Greek Prime Minister to the building where 12 civilians died during the Russian bombings. The Russians do not strike military facilities but civilians and the images we saw last weekend with the mother found dead in arms with her baby in the wreckage of the apartment building in Odessa shocked the whole world. Kyriakos Mitsotakis was found at the place of martyrdom of these people accompanied by the President of Ukraine Volontimir Zelensky on this lightning trip he made in Odessa. He bent when he saw the mountain of children’s toys and flowers in the memory of the victims and left flowers on the spot. The apartment building was stricken by the Russian drones and hundreds of civilians gathered there to chat with the two leaders. Remember, at this point 12 people were killed among them, five children.

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