Visit to Odessa: “We almost reached NATO activation point”

“We almost reached NATO activation point” noted Brigadier General E.a. and defence analyst Panayiotis Theodorakidis, speaking of the missile attack that occurred near his motorcade and Volontim Zelenski in Odessa. Speaking on Mega’s TV, Mr.Theodorakidis stressed that: “It almost became a major earthquake and reached NATO triggering point because an excuse is needed to involve NATO openly in Ukraine against Russia.” “The attempt against Prime Minister of Europe and NATO, if this could be documented or if it had bad consequences, seemed to have been targeted elsewhere by the Russian announcement. It was still the moment when Prime Minister not only of Greece but Prime Minister of a NATO country, European visited there,” he noted. As he says: “Progress is of existential importance to the EU on the Ukraine front and it seems that Greece has an active role and a mission, perhaps European, because then the Prime Minister headed to the PPE Summit and there the EU’s cohesion through the PPE had to be tested.”

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