Visit to Odessa: “Sirens sounded, air defense activated”

“Sirens sounded, air defense activated”. During the shocking moments that took place at the time of the explosion in , near the Greek mission with the prime minister , who met with Volodimir Zelenski on Wednesday during his visit to Ukraine, ERT envoy Georgia Skidzi described. Odessa was attacked by Russia today during the visit of Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The members of the Greek mission, government and journalistic are well in their health and there is no issue for their safety. As ERT’s envoy said, during the meeting the sirens were heard and there was an update on ballistic missile attack and the area’s air defense activation. “There is no issue with the safety of the Prime Minister and his mission,” they clarified government sources. At the same time, the meeting of the two leaders was also marked by deep moving scenes, with the Greek Prime Minister expressing, among other things, his support for the Ukrainian president. As the Greek expedition along with the Ukrainian moved to Odessa, Mitsotakis and Zelensky passed in front of the apartment building that became the target of a strong Russian “hit” with drones last Saturday (02.03.24). The “whistling” cost life to at least ten people, including young children, with a shocking photograph from the point of tragedy that records a mother and a baby being hugged in the ruins, going around the world. Among the victims is an infant only eight months old. Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Volodimir Zelenski descended from their cars and stood for a while in front of the building. According to ERT journalist, the two men’s meeting lasted about 45 minutes.

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