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Visible no longer results from the increase in the E.F.K.

Repeatedly pointed out by issuing relevant press releases, that the increase of E.F.K schedule of May 2016 and …
legislated in the Government with him.4389/2016, in petroleum products was a mistake.
On 10/5/2016 we pointed out the following:
“The persistence of the Government to leak and to grow in the last period of time of the impending increase of.F.K in the fuel, our worries and our troubles you in particular, because similar effects such as the increase in the E.F.K in 2012, in heating oil, from 60 to 330 euro χιλιόλιτρο had negative results on the then Government’s attempt to increase public revenues.
Furthermore, any increase in the E.F.K. it is completely contradictory with the pursuit of the Government for the passage of the economy from the recession of recent years, a fast growth rate.
Today, all the charges (Taxes, Fees, customs Duties) the values of the consumer at the pump is: 72% for Gasoline and 55% for diesel and 50% for Heating Oil.
The implementation of the intentions of the Ministry. Finance for growth.F.K in the fuel (gasoline, diesel, lpg, natural gas) at the same time and with the increase by one unit of F.E.Oh, it will significantly increase transport costs, as well as the cost of production of agricultural and industrial products, with the result that the increase in the prices in the “rack”, to the detriment of thousands of pensioners who have experienced, from month to month, reductions of pensions for up to 40%, but at the expense of all the already υπερφορολογημένων consumers”.
On 10/10/2016 we pointed out that,
“The position of P.The.E.E.K. it is confirmed permanently, from the data of the Ministry of Finance, that in spite of the increases in fuel taxes , public revenues do not grow, since any increase of taxes disappears from the reduction in the annual consumption”.
On 5/12/2016 with an Open Letter to the Prime minister on the topic “Update of E.F.K. in the fuel,” noted what he said in the Greek Parliament and the current Government of SYRIZA as an opposition, in September 2014.
In conclusion as follows:
“The Panhellenic Federation Of Πρατηριούχων Fuel Traders (E.The.E.E.K.), appeals to the Prime minister and all the relevant Ministers to review their decision to increase the E.F.K by 22% on heating oil by 15 October and to move forward in a brave adjustment to the levels of amendment-addition of signed and tabled in Parliament, 72 members of SYRIZA in September 2014, to restore the excise tax on heating oil at 21 euros the χιλιόλιτρο.
Please take very seriously the conditions of living today the Greeks when the 35% is below the poverty threshold, by resetting the E.F.K in the heating oil at 21 euros the χιλιόλιτρο, removing at the same time the anachronistic and bureaucratic measure of the limited subsidy.
Our appeal, not to implement the decision to increase the E.F.K on heating oil, also relates to the forthcoming update by 1 January 2017.F.K in diesel fuel by 25%, Unleaded by 5% and Lpg by 30%.
As for the effective response to trafficking -which is not, of course, from their petrol stations – and the illegal trafficking of Petroleum products and Energy products –such as fixed support, and we required the existence of the corresponding decisive political will, and not φορομπηχτικά measures “extermination” of the citizens”.
Today we are in front of excessive increases.F.K in all the petroleum products, which would be disproportionate to the economic potential of the Greeks, which were, with characteristic superficiality, since the competent Ministries didn’t bother to draw up the relevant feasibility study impact assessment, believing, hypothetically, that with the increases of E.F.K in the fuel will increase the public revenue.
We πρατηριούχοι states P.The.E.E.K. we don’t have economic knowledge.E.I have, however, postgraduate studies with specialized knowledge of the rules of operation of the Oil Market and it is good to be taken into consideration by the relevant Ministers.
Unfortunately with the easy and inefficient way it is used for the increase of the public revenue, today the price formation in the fuel, confirming all the, at times, cautions us, when the average price of Unleaded was formed on 9/1/17, in Greece (1,545) as the second most expensive after the Netherlands (1,573), when the average retail price of the countries of the european union.E remains in the 1,379 litre, with all that this implies for the expected growth of the economy.
It remains, however, elusive the increase of the public revenue, from the occasional pronouncements of the Government, to combat the illegal trafficking of petroleum products and energy products (smuggling etc.), when the inter-Ministerial Commission established in July 2014 with a unique theme combat smuggling and adulteration of fuel, although it’s been 2,5 years ago not yet issued the relevant conclusion.
Finally, the increase in the E.F.K. the fuel, which serves the National Economy, the Development of the Economy, the increase of the Public Revenue, or the circuits of the informal economy to you?

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