Video: The moment that 4 Hamas hostages are released by Israeli forces in Gaza Strip

Israel’s great military operation in , resulted in the rescue and release of 4 hostages kidnapped from Hamas. You’re impressed by a part of what happened. The four hostages had been kidnapped on October 7th by Israel and have since been held in secret locations in the Gaza Strip by Hamas forces. After collecting and exploiting information, a large military operation was organized to rescue them. This was successfully completed. With Benjamin Netanyahu stating that his country will not stop efforts to free all hostages and the news causing enthusiasm and celebrations on the streets of his country. Video of the rescue operation of the four hostages in Nusseyrat was released by the Israeli army. The footage distinguishes the moment when the helicopter takes off that carries the rescued hostages from the Gaza Strip. These are: Noah Argamani, 25, Almog Maire Zon, 21, Andrey Kozlov, 27 and Slomi Ziv, 40. All four “had been kidnapped” by Hamas on October 7th from the space of the Nova music festival, the army clarified. The hostages, according to the same source, were “saved” from two different points in the heart of Nusseirat. BREAKING: New pictures from the Israeli military show them taking three of the four hosts to safety Read more: 📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube — Sky News (@SkyNews) Israeli television network News 12 broadcast footage, where Argkamani appears to meet her father again, while smiling and hugging him. All the hostages released are in good health. Noa Argamani reunited with her father American President Joe Biden said from Paris, after the release of four Israeli hostages in Gaza, that the United States will not stop working until all hostages are released. “We will not stop working until all hostages return to their homes,” he stressed. “We welcome the four hostages released today,” added his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. Jake Sullivan, Joe Biden’s national security consultant, praised in an announcement “the work of Israeli security agencies that carried out this brave operation.” The high-ranking American official reiterated the need to reach the agreement, which is “currently on the table” between the parties in Gaza, and includes the ceasefire and the liberation of hostages. “This agreement has the full support of the United States and the support of countries around the world”, specifically “of the 16 countries whose citizens are still being held by Hamas”, Jake Sullivan continued.