Video-shock: Hit the opponent with a kick in the face [video]

It happened in Turkey, in race amateur championship and the video went round the world…
She was frantic, Mehmet Ντεζιρμενσί decided to hit his opponent with a kick to the face, which for a few inches does not put in risk the life of his opponent.
It all started when Mehmet Ντεζιρμενσί lost the ball from the Καγιάν Καρακάς, which kicked hard in the leg, throwing him to the ground. The referee immediately ran towards him in order to expel him with a red card and at that moment the Ντεζιρμενσί completely lost control, kicking the downed player in the face. His teammates Ντεζιρμενσί froze with his reaction while his opponents moved menacingly towards him, with the same running towards the tunnel to escape. The Καρακάς it took 9 stitches to the lips and after the end of the race said that if the kick found him just a few inches above and not in the jaw could have caused a more serious injury, and even his life was in danger.