Video games: what skin condition are at risk of those who play a lot of hours

If you belong to lovers of video games, you have to be very careful as to the time you spend in this…
Group of Swiss researchers from the University Hospital and Medical School of Geneva, explaining that those who exceed the guidelines for their use, are at risk from a skin disease that causes painful lesions on the palms, similar to those observed on the soles of children’s feet after heavy physical activity.
This threat is called “παλαμική ιδρωταδενίτιδα” and is caused by the tight restraint of the remote and the furious pressure of the button.
The tight and lasting grip of the remote control along with the repeated pressure of the buttons produce minor but continuous damage on the surfaces of the palms.
The excessive preoccupation with video games has aroused the interest of specialists and is now a public health issue, as it may cause εξαρτητική behavior that can lead to a wide range of psychological problems.
Other studies have identified acute tendonitis as a result of the abuse of the game engine.