Video games is a hobby only of men?

Can gaming be considered a purely “male case” however, according to the results of a survey, the electronic…
games are a hobby that is enjoyed equally and women.
In accordance with the conclusion of the survey, which was conducted by the american research centre Pew Research Center, the percentage of women involved in gaming is almost the same as that of men. Specifically, 48% of women who participated in the survey replied that they play a systematic electronic games in console, computer or portable device, compared with 50% of men.
However, as mentioned in reporting of the technology magazine Wired, the public perceives gaming as a purely male occupation. According to the survey, both men and women believe that the largest percentage of people around the world who are involved with gaming are men.
From the total respondents, 15% of men would consider themselves as a gamer, compared with just 6% of women. This gap is even greater in men aged between 18 and 29 years of age, of whom 33% of respondents referred to themselves as gamers, compared with just 9% of women of the same age group.
It is worth noting that both women and men who play computer games is associating the activity with the “stronger sex”, as 60% of the respondents replied that they consider the gaming as a “male activity”.
Also, in accordance with the findings of the research, women are often considered “unwanted” in the world of computer games. A powerful example is the Canadian-american blogger and critic of video games Anita Σαρκίζιαν, which had caused a storm of reactions with a series of videos entitled “Tropes vs Women in Video Games” that uploaded on YouTube, in which he examines the image of women within video games. The Σαρκίζιαν had to accept harsh criticism and snide remarks for the series, but also threats to her life.
The research also examined the wider impact of electronic games. The results have been mixed.
Specifically, 26% of adults who participated in the survey supported the view that video games are a “waste of time”, compared with 24% who believe the opposite. Also, 16% said that they did not “have a certain point of view” on this issue, while the majority of the respondents were “undecided” about whether women are portrayed in a negative way through the video games.
Finally, 4 in 10 adults believe that electronic games are associated with violent behavior, especially among young people.