Video document: The moment they shoot the Iranian in the head in Saint Panteleimon

At his moment in the Iranian who lost his life Friday night (08.03.2024) in the center of Athens brings to light the In the video document recorded by closed circuit camera shows the manhunt between the two groups of men who were just seconds ago in the square behind the corner store. Suddenly, for unknown reasons, the two teams cause a huge fight and began to hunt with wood and iron in their hands. Most men with their faces covered and hoods attack each other. The victim is seen in the video holding a wood and while passing in front of the cafeteria entrance is piled up on the sidewalk. The man has been shot in the head. Everyone stops running and tries to figure out exactly what has happened. After the shooting most have disappeared from the scene, while a man after a while was taken to hospital. He went into the ER and despite the doctors’ efforts, he ended up.