Victory’s conclusion on the Tempe tragedy: The prime minister is responsible.

The factors that contributed to the railway accident of 28 February 2023 refer to his conclusion in the Committee of Inquiry into Crime, the MP of KO, Tassos Economopoulos. Specifically about the tragedy in Tembi, Ko Niki MP says: -Competitive relations were identified that the problem separation of OSE into subsidiaries, and the competitive relations between the companies that were caused, resulting in the poor maintenance of the network, since the projects after completion had to be maintained for three years by the contractor, but when Larissa’s telegovernment centre was burned the co-ministers did not count on the restoration -The constant reduction of human resources, since only under the Reppa Act 3891/2010 2351 workers, experienced in their majority, as well as the inadequate control capacity of the RA which was responsible for the safety of the railways and the combined ministers who did not measure either the fire-resistant safety standards of the wagons, nor the implementation of the General Safety Regulation that they co-existed, are certain that they would have contributed if nothing else to limiting the human losses of the accident -The fact that there was no telegovernment. He also considers that “the basic political responsibility and criminal responsibility for violating duty, the Prime Minister himself bears, on the one hand, because he knew the problems of the railways and did not do anything to avoid a serious accident which was a matter of time before it happened, and on the other hand after the accident he gave a cover-up order to the entire government staff, violating the legislation that imposed the maintenance of the site of the accident until the investigation was completed.” Responsibilities also consider that “they also had all the relevant Ministers and Deputy Ministers, Infrastructure and Transport of 2009–2023 on the criminal felony offence of failing to disrupt the safety of railway transport, but also the Minister of Civil Protection of the period of July 2019 which, while aware that the Larisa telegovernment centre was burned, did not do anything to investigate the circumstances under which he was burned or informed of his counterpart’s immediate recovery resulting in a major accident four years after. Characteristic is the fact that he did not even know before the committee in question of our Member, that he was the one who had the fire department under his supervision at the critical time, not even that he was Minister of Civil Protection from July 9, 2019 until 2021 i.e. the critical period when Larissa’s telegovernment centre was burned which according to the Gerapetritis finding was one of the main causes that led to the tragic accident.” Finally, it states that “the responsibilities of those who contributed both to the alteration of the site of the accident and the fact that the question of what the train at issue was carrying remains unanswered.” The Democratic patriotic movement NIKI contributed in every way throughout the committee of inquiry to the emergence of those responsible, however high and will continue to contribute in every way to the punishment of the guilty, while co-hosting from the first moment to the families of the victims, concludes Mr.

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