Victoria Halkitis for Marina Satti: The song is different and this is good for Eurovision

“The video clip confused me,” says . Victoria Halkitis interviewed the show “I Love Soo Ku” and Alexander Ruta. The singer and Vocal coach spoke, among other things, about Marina Satti who will represent us in Eurovision with “Zari”. “The song is different and this is good for Eurovision. It’s a piece that combines different styles, it’s positive, but it may not like it. The video clip mixed me up, but it doesn’t matter. There will always be division. It is the right of people not to like the song,” Victoria Halkitis originally said. Victoria Halkitis then said: “I don’t count my Eurovision entries. I certainly remember the first time with Katie Garby. At 16 I had testified with my father a song for Eurovision, but the folder was not even opened.”