Verder Bremen – Dortmund 1-2: ‘Double’ with ten players and recovery of 4th place in Bundesliga

Leipzig may have gone up to 4 in Bundesliga, after winning earlier over Darmstadt, but the… took her back, after “double” on her, even playing with ten players for a half. Marcel Zabitzer’s expulsion at 45–1 of the first part did not ultimately cost Dortmund, which passed with “double” from Bremen (2–1 Verder) and remained in 4th place keeping the lean lead from Leipzig (+1). Westphalians managed to leave with the valuable win from the “Wezerstadion” and nine games before the finale in Bundesliga still hold fortune in their hands, for whether to compete the new season in the Champions League. Borussia led 2–0 at 38–1 with the goals of Malen (21–1) and Sancho (38–) but the expulsion of the Austrian medium in the delays of the first part changed things. The hosts reduced to 73–1 with Ninmach, pressed for the goal of equalization but without succeeding. Results and scorers in Bundesliga: Stuttgart- Union Berlin 2-0 (19′ Girassi, 65′ Fuhrich) Bayern Munich-Mainz 8-1 (13′, 45′+, 70′ Kane, 20′, 90′+ Goretzka, 47′ Miller, 61′ Musiala, 66′ Gnabri-31′ Amiri) Leipzig-Darmstadt 2–0 (3′ vol. Isherwood, 50′ Baumgarden) Gladbach-Colony 3–3 (32′ Honora, 71′, 73′ Huck-7′, 64′ Alindu, 77′ Downs) Augsburg-Haidenheim 1–0 (22′ Guello) Verder Bremen-Dortmund 1-2 (73′ Ninmach – 21′ Malsen, 38′ Sancho) Bohum-Friburg 10/03 East Frankfurt- Hoffenheim 10/03 Leverkusen- Wolfsburg 10/03

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