Venus Gramelis: We need to redefine what entertainment is

‘ For a month now that I have been off TV, I feel that my appearance has changed too” states . Both in the television future of Faye Skorda and in the wider image of this season for the shows, Venus Grammel spoke on the camera of the show “Better not done” and journalist Spyros Raphael Keramida, on Saturday afternoon, to Alpha. “This season I would call it a wreck. I think our work is getting too psycho-stealing for ourselves and all this is going out to the world. For a month since I’ve been off TV, I feel like my look has changed.” “We need to review and redefine what entertainment is. I would like next year to serve something that will be nature and position pleasant. There’s no discussion right now with Fay Scorpio. Me Faye is in my heart” the well-known journalist pointed out. “Faye Skorda is one step before turning the MEGA key, I believe. I think we’ll have radical changes at MEGA. As on all channels, I don’t think there’s a show that won’t change except Happy Day,” Venus Grameli told Alpha’s camera.