Vasilis Bisbikis: The first suspension through hospital after double surgery

‘ Thank you all for the interest” he writes in his post through o, where he recovers after the adventure he spent with his health. As it became known Friday (08.03.24), Vassilis Bisbikis from last Monday has been hospitalized, after sudden illness and chest pain. After countless messages received by Vassilis Bisbikis he wanted to thank all those who sent him for passing through and in his post he wrote: “Thank you all very much for your concern. I felt a nuisance that I fortunately did not ignore. It’s okay! I wish everyone health.” Let’s remember how the actor felt the first chest pains on Monday, March 4, with Despina Vandi taking him to hospital with her car. Immediately, doctors considered it necessary, after necessary heart tests, to enter surgery. Immediately after the surgery, he was moved to a single room on the top floor with Despina Vandi constantly being on his side. Three days after the first operation for stent placement, it followed second.