Vasilis Bisbikis: He suffered a heart attack – he had two surgeries, he was placed in stent

A heart attack was suffered by the well-known actor, while according to the latest information he was subjected to two surgeries and stent placement. It all started when Vassilis Bisbikis felt the first chest pains on Monday (4.3.2024), with Despina Vandi taking him with her car to hospital. Immediately, doctors considered it necessary, after necessary heart tests, to enter surgery. Immediately after the surgery, he was moved to a single room on the top floor with Despina Vandi constantly being on his side. According to ANT1 television, three days after the first operation for stent placement, a second surgery followed, while doctors are not going to be discharged before Sunday. Lakis Lazopoulos, Clelia Renesis, Giannis Stankoglou and of course his ex-wife Vasilis Bisbiki are aware of the actor’s health adventure. Information reports that Despina Vandi will normally appear at the nightclub with George Sabanis and J2US.