US embassy in Russia warns of “hit” extremists in Moscow

A warning message that extremists are planning an imminent attack on Moscow has been sent to . For a “hit” in Moscow by extremists the American embassy in Russia warned, hours after Russian security services unveiled an attack plan in synagogue from a core of the Afghan arm of the Islamic State. The embassy, which has repeatedly called on all American citizens to leave Russia immediately, did not provide more information on the nature of the threat, but announced that citizens should avoid concerts and crowds and know the environment where they are. “The embassy is following the information that extremists are soon planning to target large meetings in Moscow, which will include concerts, and American citizens are invited to avoid large gatherings for the next 48 hours,” the embassy says with a message on its website. The warning was issued a few hours after the announcement of the Russian Federal Security Service-sponsor of the Soviet KGB—that it prevented an attack on a Moscow synagogue planned by the armed Sunni organization Islamic State. It is not clear whether the two communications are linked. The war in Ukraine has sparked the deepest crisis in Russia’s relations with the West following the 1962 Cuban missile crisis and Putin has warned that the West is in danger of causing nuclear war if he sends troops to fight in Ukraine. The Kremlin says relations with the US were never at a worse point and accuses Washington of fighting against Moscow by supporting Ukraine with money, weapons and information. FSB announced that a core of the Islamic State is active in the Kaluga region of Russia and belongs to the Afghan arm of the organization, known as ISIS-Khorasan. He seeks to establish a caliphate in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Iran. The organization first appeared in Afghanistan in late 2014 and was described as extremely violent. The core was “preparing an attack on the believers in synagogue using weapons”, the FSB announced. When confronted, the gunmen resisted the Russian special forces and were “neutralized” by the latter’s fire, the announcement said. “Weapons, ammunition and components for the manufacture of an improvised explosive device were found and seized”, added to the FSB Communication

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