University: Serious episodes with molotovs and straight-shot flares – cars burned

Severely occurred Sunday morning (10.03.2024) in the group of individuals and MAT men. At 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning and while a costume party was under way on the University of Painter, a group of 20-30 people came out of the campus entrance, moved to Ulov Palme and set fire to dumpsters and parked vehicles. Of these, around 10 people were then directed towards the MAT facilities in Caesariani and according to the EL.A. briefing. They moved towards the police officers with molotov bombs and flares in a straight shot. They then escaped Ulof Palme, while at the moment the rising current on Ulof Palme remains closed. “These are common attacks, the MATs and the AT Painter have experienced such attacks,” stressed Vice-President of the Athens Police Employees Association, Nikos Rigas.

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