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(Title) Compliance to environmental legislation and protect the environment and public health requests the Special Environmental Inspectorate, the Ministry of Environment’s letter to all Directorates of Health and Welfare Regions of the country.

According to the Ministry of Environment Inspectors during inspections carried out at health units in the country have found poor compliance and breach of key provisions of environmental laws, resulting in unsafe – environmental and health-management of hazardous medical waste (EIA).

In particular, by the Departments of Health and Welfare of the Regions were asked to notify the health units directly under their control on the requirements of the legislation, and take the necessary measures to comply to these.

The Department of Health invited until 31 August to complete and send a questionnaire which would demonstrate whether they meet the minimum environmental and health requirements for operation of public hospitals and management of EIA. Furthermore, the questionnaire serves as a record of the list of health units within each region.

Then the information will be processed by the Special Inspector Office of Environment YPEKA to safely convey the real environmental, health management at health units across the country.

According to the ministry, the results will be used for updating the relevant ministries, the Central Regional and county offices of Environment and Health, with a view the launching and promoting the necessary actions to comply.

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