Ukraine War: 10 injured by Russian missile fragments in Kiev

Ten people were injured by missile fragments from which they were shot down in Kiev, a new indication, as she says, that it needs “substantially” Western anti-aircraft defence systems. Russia has been multiplying the bombings in Ukraine over the past few weeks, targeting mainly energy infrastructure, in retaliation for Ukrainian attacks on its border provinces. Today’s (25/03/2024) was the third air raid in the capital within five days. At the same time, a 65-year-old man was killed by an artillery missile in the village of Vovchansk, in the area of Harkov. In Kiev explosions were heard a short time after the anti-aircraft alert, around 10.30 local time. “There was a cloud of dust, car windows and windows broke, everything was destroyed,” said a resident of the capital, Oxana, who at the time was at work. Rescue services gave publicity photos where large damaged buildings and a crater near a house are distinguished. According to Kiev’s head of military command, Serhi Popko, two ballistic missiles launched by annexed Crimea were intercepted. Another 11 people were injured at night, since the attack of unmanned Russian aircraft in the areas of Mikolaif and Odessa. In Odessa 300,000 people remained until late tonight without electricity because the attacks destroyed energy infrastructure, according to local authorities. In a difficult situation Ukrainian forces in Chasiv Yar Ukrainian forces are in a “difficult” situation near Chasiv city Yar where Russia focuses its operations, the Ukrainian army announced today. In recent months Moscow has been making progress on the front, pressing even more on Kiev, which is facing a lack of ammunition than its western allies are supplying it with. ‘The situation regarding Chasiv Yar is difficult and tense and this is not the first day” that this happens, said Oleh Kalashnikov, the spokesman for the 26th artillery brigade. “Today is at the heart of enemy aggressive actions. (Russian forces) are trying to break our defense to reach Chasiv Yar,” he explained. According to Kalasnikov, Russia is intensifying the use of powerful drone bombs in this zone and “pulls them into residential zones and our fortified positions”. Ukraine has been defending itself for many months because of lack of ammunition. The $60 billion aid promised by Washington has been blocked by Congress due to the political confrontation between Republicans and Democrats. The commander of the land Ukrainian forces said Friday that it is “probable” a spring attack from Russia involving 100,000 men, commenting that this would be “the most ominous scenario”.

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