Ukraine: Three civilians killed, 12 wounded by Russian blows in the eastern part of the country

At least 3 were killed and 12 injured in Russian blows in the east, a local official announced today, while a woman lost her life in a Ukrainian bombing against a Russian village near the border. “During the night, the Russians attacked Dompropelia (a city about 45 km from the front in Ukraine) with unmanned Shahed aircraft. In the morning rescuers found the bodies of two civilians under the ruins of a house. ” This was reported by Vandim Filachkin, a Ukrainian official in the district of Donetsk. According to the same source, the Russian army also bombed the Chasif community with artillery fire this morning. Yar, located near the front in the Donetsk area, killing a 66-year-old man. Russia killed three more civil people in Oblast. At night, Russian hacked the town of Dobropillia with Shahed drones. Two people die. In the morning, the army shelled Chasiv Yar with artillery, killing a 66-year-old man. Source: Head of Donetsk Oblast… — UkraineWorld (@ukraine_world) Three Russian S-300 rockets also hit the town of Mirnograd, in the Donetsk area, resulting in 12 people being injured, according to the latest account, among another teenager, Filachkin said. Nine dwellings were damaged in this blow, he clarified. At the same time, Ukrainian Air Force announced today that during the night over 10 areas in central and southern Ukraine. On the other hand, in Russia, a woman was killed today in a bombing launched by Ukraine against a Russian village located 10 km from the border, became known by a local official. “Today, the village of Kulbaki was bombed by Ukraine,” Kursk district governor Roman Starovoit said. “Fire broke out at a residence. A woman was killed and her husband suffered severe burns.” The Russian defence ministry also said it destroyed two Ukrainian drones over Belgorod.