Ukraine: “The bombing in Odessa may have targeted Zelensky or Mitsotakis”

He or even Kyriakos Mitsotakis may have been aimed at hitting on according to adviser to the president of Ukraine. Ihor Zovkva, a consultant for Zelenski, said the rocket in Odessa “was really less than 500 meters from us. What was that? You cannot rule out that it was directed at the mission of my president or the mission of a foreign guest.” He stated that the rocket was launched from Crimea, which Russia has considered its territory since 2014. “It took less than three minutes for the rocket to reach the target, at the point of the port of Odessa,” Zovkva said. “If we had sufficient means of anti-aircraft defence, this ballistic missile could have been intercepted,” he said.

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