Ukraine: Power Breaks in Odessa After Russian Air Raid · Global Voices

An air attack on Ukraine was carried out by Russia with the consequence that there was an exceptional break in electricity, after one of the city’s high-voltage facilities was damaged by a Russian air attack. “The situation remains difficult,” noted DTEK on Telegram. “In order to reduce the load on the network, the electrical means of transport in Odessa will not work, while the consumption of electricity by industry will remain limited,” he explained. Odessa authorities reported on Telegram that the city and district became the target of many drone attacks launched by Russia. Four of them were shot down over the districts of Odessa and Mikolaif. The debris from a drone caused a fire in a power plant, but it was quickly extinguished. DTEK pointed out that electricity was restored this morning in two areas of Odessa. Drones and Russia Meanwhile early this morning a fire broke out in one of the largest thermal power plants in southwestern Russia, resulting in two units of it being put out of service and temporary electrical problems. There are no victims and authorities are investigating the causes of the fire that broke out at the Novoserkask power plant in Rostov, said district governor Vasili Gulubev on Telegram. Russia’s defence ministry announced for its part that it destroyed 11 drones launched during the night by Ukraine against the Rostov district, but did not specify whether they were related to the damage to the plant. The Baza account on Telegram, which is close to Russia’s security forces, said the fire at the power plant was caused by Ukrainian drones.