Ukraine: Intercepting 2 Russian Missiles in Odessa · Global Voices

Her air force shot down two Russian missiles in Odessa this afternoon, officials said, but the debris fell into political infrastructure, resulting in five people being injured. Among the injured is a 15-year-old who was outdoors at the time of the attack, Odessa mayor Genadi Truhanov said in his post on Telegram. “The enemy sneaks his missile strikes into industrial and residential areas of Odessa,” the military administration of southern Ukraine said in the same application. Moscow denies targeting purposely civilians, but many have been killed in its air raids across Ukraine. Russia launched a major air attack on Ukraine’s energy system on 22 March, in “retaliation”, he said, on the Ukrainian attacks on Russian provinces bordering Ukrainian territories. Russian forces continued to hit power plants this week too. Moscow has intensified the use of ballistic missiles in the past few days, faster than ordinary cruise missiles and harder to shoot down. Two years after their invasion, Russian forces progress slowly and now control about one fifth of Ukraine.