UEFA score: Olympiacos and PAOK defeats “hurt” Greece

He experienced “heavy” defeat with 4-1 from Maccabi Tel Aviv in “Karaiskakis” for the “16” of the Conference League and found a step from the exclusion from Europe, “hurting” and Greece in . No rank nor by PAOK. Greece now seems to lose at least one team from the continuation of European events, with Olympiacos even allowing Israel to escape to UEFA’s score after Maccabi Tel Aviv’s victory. The Israelis got 0.500 points and escaped from our country in the “fight” for the 16th place, being very close to qualifying for the next phase. UEFA 14. Norway 31,625 15. Denmark 31,450 16. Israel 30,875 17. Greece 28,725 Any hopes of Greece to reach 15th place in UEFA’s special score ended after the defeat of PAOK to Dinamo Zagreb. The zero score in the first games of the Conference League brings Greece quite far from Denmark, with Israel winning a total of 500 points today and reaching 30,875.

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