U.S.: Joe Biden and Donald Trump will be “talented” in American election – They secured nomination

He and he will be – out of the blue – the candidates for presidents to be hit in the big match for the US presidency. Donald Trump – like Joe Biden – secured mathematics on Tuesday (12.3.2024), winning the required number of delegates (1,215) at the next conference of his lineup, the Republicans, his emergence to the party’s candidate for the presidency at the November election, against the Edison Research Institute and American media calculations, following the intra-party votes held in four states (Jorgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, Washington). It is thus noted that – except for a shocking unexpected – for the first time two candidates will face a second consecutive presidential election in the US after nearly 70 years. Earlier, Democratic President Joe Biden secured the required number of delegates (1,968) at the forthcoming conference of his own party to become a candidate for the presidency after the internal party process in Georgia. He never faced serious competition in the party and is simply expected to receive the nomination at the August conference. After this development, Biden issued an announcement in sharp tone, accusing Mr Trump once again of threatening “democracy”, if not the “ame idea of America”. “The voters are now invited to choose the future of this country. Will we stand up and defend our democracy, or will we let it be demolished? Will we defend our right to choose and protect our freedoms or let the extremists take them from us?”, he hammered. Yesterday’s results were considered perfect for both opponents. Donald Trump’s last opponent in the Republican nomination race, Nikki Haley, left last week.

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