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Two Greeks behind the shell company” with millions of smuggled cigarettes

The two Greeks who act as representatives of the company’s “showcase” on the cover of the warehouse in the area of Aspropyrgos, where they found and seized more than 16 million contraband cigarettes…
and about 300 pounds of bulk tobacco, for the Safety of Attica.
The dislocation of the large coil was started by the Dea in the Safety of Attica, as they had excellent ground-truthed ‘ information, for a specific warehouse in Aspropyrgos which has the cover company timber, which, however, is showcase, and is used as a place of concealment and transportation of large quantities of drugs.
For four days the officers of the Prosecution, were watching the area and as soon as they saw the approaching truck truck intervened and overpowered the driver, believing it to carry drugs.
Of course, when they opened the back of the truck they found surprised that it was loaded with hundreds of packages smuggled cigarettes hidden in quantities of timber.
Indeed, one of the two Greeks sought to the warehouse with millions of smuggled cigarettes, was occupied in the past for drug cases, with the result that the officers to believe that he was indeed inside the warehouse you’ll find a modern brew of illegal substances, and then discovering a modern packaging unit of smuggled cigarettes and tobacco.
Of course, immediately updated, and the Financial Police as the most competent service for matters of this kind, with the result that they can then take over entirely the surveys.
They have already arrested two Romanians one of the drivers of the truck and the second guard in the warehouse with smuggled tobacco products, and the investigation found that the central door opening with push-button from interior handling, while to reach the level they had installed the machinery for the packaging of tobacco and cigarettes smuggled in, had to use a hidden elevator within the warehouse.

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