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Two bronze for Sophia Ralli, in the international race in Bansko

Sophia Ralli won 3rd place in both competitions… technical descent of the international race of Alpine Events held in Bansko, Bulgaria.
The total time was 1:38.35 and 97,20 degrees FIS (+3.36 seconds from the first winner), while the 4th place finish, Maria Σαμαρινού, also with a small difference (+4,35).
Men Giannis Proios was again the best Greek since it was ranked 12th with a total time of 1:31,08 and 52,28 points FIS (+4,68 seconds. from the first winner).
• Following a decision of the Governing Council of the ΕΟΧΑ the final date of the criteria for qualifying for the World junior Championship-Girls Alpine Sports Sochi 2016, set for Monday, 8 February 2016, in order to prepare smoothly the docket of the FFM and to be issued in the VISΑS of the members of the mission.

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