Turkish patrol boat opened fire against Cypriot Coast Guard

A serious Turkish provocation against the Republic of Cyprus took place in the remote peninsula of Tillyria near Pafos.

According to information, the boat of the Cypriot Coast Guard was forced to leave an area where it was patrolling after a Turkish patrol boat opened fire. The area where the incident took place is the sea route used by traffickers to transport illegal immigrants to the free areas of Cyprus, off the coast of Turkey.

The Turks have a permanent military force in the area in the pocket of Kokkina, which is connected to the occupied territories only by sea.

According to the spokesman of the Cyprus Police, Christos Andreou, the boat of the Cypriot-Greek Navy based in the fishing shelter of Kato Pyrgos and a three-member crew, around 03:30 in the morning was patroling for the illegal trafficking of immigrants 11 nautical miles off Tillyria.

The Turkish coastguard appeared in the area with aggressive intentions and began to pursue the small boat, even using fire to intimidate. According to information, the Turkish coastguard fired four warning shots.

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