Turkey: Teacher Saved Student Drowning With Heimlich Handle · Global Voices

Shock causes the image of one who almost drowned in a tutorial room at the last minute managed to save herself thanks to her teacher’s early intervention. Video through the hall shows frame the dangerous episode with the minor student in Turkey. The video shows the student who has a pen in her hands talking to her classmates. However, she then stands up and tries to show her teacher that something is wrong. By hand movement, the teacher understands that the girl is drowning. Students get up from their desks and the teacher makes in the underage grip Heimlich. Ş Şanlıurfa’nın Haliliye ilçesinde, ders sırasında boğazına cisim kaçan öğrenci, öğremen tarafından uygulan heimlich manevrası ile kurtarıldı — milliyet.com.tr (@milliyet) Fortunately everything went well and the girl recovered immediately. Probably inadvertently swallowed the pen cap and drowned. The student went to a hospital for precautionary reasons and there it was found that her health condition is good.