Turkey: Bargaining, promises, and punches for the visa! [video]

Bickering between members of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the pro-kurdish…
opposition delayed the efforts to approve legislation for the agreement with the European Union on the migration, with the result that the parliament to suspend its work until Monday.
On Wednesday evening members exchanged punches and shoves when he became a reference to the business carried out by the army against Kurdish fighters in southeast Turkey.
After this encounter, the president announced at the end of yesterday’s session that the parliament will not meet in plenary before Monday 2 May.
The members were going to edit it tomorrow and the day after the legislation is required, in order for the Turks to travel to Europe without a visa (visa), an important part of the agreement reached in Ankara with the European Union in order to stem the uncontrolled migration flow in Europe.
The scuffle broke out when the member Ferhat Εντζού, the pro-kurdish Party Democracy Peoples (HDP), referred to the killing of civilians during the operations carried out by the army against militants of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in southeast Turkey.
Brake from France-Germany
Brussels is planning to propose the elimination of the visas for the Turkish citizens on 4 May, however, encounter strong reactions from some member-states of the EU. The EU has said that Turkey fully meets less than 50% of the 72 criteria and that the requirements (for the lifting of the visa) will not be mitigated.
At the same time France and Germany want to put a… emergency brake on lending visa to non-EU countries, including Turkey.
This measure could be implemented only recorded a certain number of Turks who have made use of the new provisions provided for in the agreement for the refugee.
The proposal Paris-Berlin refers to a mechanism which will be suspended the movement without a visa, with the rationale being that this becomes necessary due to refugee and migration flows.
Another objective of this proposal is to subside the criticism in the home countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands and Austria.
It should be noted that the liberalisation of visas for Turkish citizens is a central point in the agreement between Turkey and the EU for the migration with the Ankara has threatened many times that it will not apply where it is agreed that if you do not proceed with these settings.
By Monday we will comply
The Anchor, however, shows how it will comply by Monday to the criteria of the EU in order to abolish the visa.
The Turkish legislation for conformity to the criteria of the European Union for the liberalisation of visas for entry (visas) will be completed Monday, said today the Turkish minister for EU affairs Βολκάν Μποζκίρ.
The Μποζκίρ also stated at the television network NTV that he expects that the EU Commission will recommend in a report next week on the lifting of the obligation for Turks travelling in Europe to have a visa.
As compensation for agreeing to take back migrants from Europe in the framework of an agreement-landmark, Turkey received assistance, the prospect to speed up the accession talks with the EU, as well as the promise be abolished for Turkish citizens the obligation to have a visa when travelling in Europe.