TSIGGANA DEKADES Thousands WITHOUT PAPERS IN “civilized Europe” … The report by Commissioner CHAMARMPERGK

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    (Title) Tens of thousands of Roma living in Europe without name cards, home and rights. These people do not seem … Nowhere, because European governments have … consciously seek to be left stateless and without documents proving their existence, well before the official team and expulsion from France and Germany. In these findings made by the Commissioner for Human Rights, Council of Europe, Thomas Chamarmpergk in his book on the human rights situation in Europe, has recently been published and which includes elements other than consistent with multiculturalism preached that Europe has.
    It has been granted nationality, do not have birth certificates, identity card, passport and their children is like to not exist, it does not appear on … no family situations, says the commissioner.

    Particularly worrying is the situation in Western Balkans, which have already adopted more restrictive conditions for the naturalization of Roma.
    In Slovenia, thousands of people, including Roma have been deleted from the registry of permanent residents in 1992, while Serbia and Croatia, Roma wishing to formalize their existence, are faced with complex administrative processes and too late.
    He deplores the fact that 38% of Roma who were deported from Germany were stateless, and that 42% of Roma children included in family situations.
    The low educational level and lack of identity documents more difficult for Roma to access to education and health services, while not granting nationality to alter an easy target for collective expulsions, although this is prohibited by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, concluded Mr Chamarmpergk.

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