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Thou shalt not kill Politics
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{Title}  MORE THE WAY TO U.S. must choose the democratically elected … OUR LEADERS DO NOT HAVE BACK …

The most difficult phase of trying to avoid the complete collapse of the Greek economy is entering the country. The lenders in our interview this morning that cleared for us to make the subsequent installments of the loan should close many injurious to public services.

In fact indicates that the Troika to take the fourth dose the loan of 15 billion euros will be within 90 days to make any drastic action to change the fundamental state, which could cause social unrest. Only in this case, the troika will give the green light in March to ensure the fourth dose.

The staff should be transferred to other positions. But because any such transfer, and should be nearly 50,000, would be considered as a new recruit and the government can do in 2011 only 10,000 recruits becomes clear that nearly 40,000 civil servants are the “air”.

For the moment there is no redundancy, but in 90 days that inspectors will visit us again to be considered very likely that some of these will become inevitable.

That is why no minister does not rule out this possible but we do argue that it is possible to prevent it.
But the private sector come dramatic changes since the substance will be eliminated as sectoral negotiations.

So each company will be able to negotiate employment conditions of workers is so confident of reducing salaries. The government has directed to the House by the end of the year to protect only the minimum salary, but that under certain conditions.

All these are facts that will cause frontal impact government workers on the outcome of which will depend on the success of the program.

What did the inspectors

On the issue of redundancies in SOEs Mr. Thomsen said he agrees with the Government to reduce the number of staff on a voluntary basis rather than through redundancies, meaning transfers and retirement plan. However, he suggested that if they do not achieve all that nothing excluded …

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