Tragedy off the Dardanelles, at least 16 dead immigrants

A ship that was carrying sank open to her, causing at least 16 people to drown between them and four children. In the northwestern Turkish province, Dardanelles in Turkey, at least 16 dead immigrants were found on an inflatable vessel which sank. Province governor Ilhami Aktas said four immigrants were rescued early today (15.03. 24) in the morning and transferred to hospital, while search and rescue operations continue, involving 10 Coast Guard vessels, 2 helicopters, maritime safety, the Turkish Disaster Management Agency (AFAD) and the National Medical Rescue Team (UMKE). It has not been made clear so far how many immigrants were aboard the inflatable, the governor said in Anadolu. According to information, 20 bodies were collected, 4 of which are children. A previous account of the authorities mentioned eight dead.

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