Traffic charges: Countdown to deposit order for payment by month

Within the days it is submitted to the House, the order for the month, which will enable holders who have put them in motion, to take back the signs by paying fees according to the restart period, according to ERT. The myCar platform opens in April, in order for interested vehicle owners to make use of the possibility offered to them in relation to traffic charges before Easter. The time one can get the plates back can’t be less than a month. While the amount of charges is calculated proportionately on the basis of the months of traffic. So if someone re-releases their car for a month they will pay 1/12 of traffic charges, for two months 2/12, for 3 months 3/12 for 4 months 4/12 and so on. For example, if a car owner of 2,000 cubic centimetres with traffic charges of 615 euros proceeds to lift stillness for 4 months he will pay 205 euros while if he re-releases the car for 7 months he will pay 358,75 euros. Another car owner with an annual traffic fee of EUR 300 wishing to lift his vehicle’s stillness for four months will pay fees corresponding to EUR 4/12 or EUR 100. For an annual fee of EUR 500 and a re-release of the vehicle for a period of three months, the amount shall be EUR 125 and for a fee of EUR 900 and traffic for a period of 6 months the debt shall be EUR 450. If a driver pays for two months traffic charges he can choose any time he wishes, for the removal of immobility, however part of a month, even one day, is considered as a whole month. The right to remove immobility is granted only once within the year and when the period of movement for which proportional traffic charges have been paid the vehicle should be put into digital immobility immediately or it will be called upon to pay gross fines. So if a car owner with an annual traffic charge of EUR 720 pays EUR 60 to use his car in May he will have to put his car in motion again on May 31st at the MyCAR platform of AADE stating the point where the vehicle has been parked. If it does not do so from 1 June, time runs out for the confirmation of the fine of EUR 1,320 (720×2 minus EUR 120). Scaled fine from time In the meantime, from 2025, the Finance Ministry’s plan will finally be implemented to impose a step-by-step fine depending on the time the fees are late. That is, the earlier after the deadline the traffic charges are paid the smaller the fine will be. It is noted that based on the current scheme the fine amounts to twice the value of annual fees even if their payment is delayed by one day. In the drawer will remain the scenarios for imposing traffic charges and hybrids J.E. even if they emit low pollutants. Hybrids will continue to pay charges as they do today, since they exceed a certain emission limit. Today they pay no fees, the new hybrids with classification after 1-1-2021, as they emit less than 122 gr/Km. Full exemption from traffic charges has electric cars while with high traffic charges they continue to be burdened by old J.E. (before October 2010) in relation to their Cubism.

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